Becoming a TIPS Vendor


To become a TIPS vendor with the ability to sell products and/or services through a TIPS contract, you must receive an award from the Region 8 Education Service Center Board of Directors, which serves as the lead agency of The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS).


The process to become an awarded vendor is as follows:


1.    Register on the TIPS Website as a TIPS Potential Bidder.  This registration will add your email to the list of vendors to be notified when solicitations (RFP’s/RFQ’s) are posted by TIPS for specific products or services. Registering as a TIPS Potential Bidder DOES NOT make you a TIPS awarded vendor.  It is merely the first step in the process to become a TIPS awarded vendor.


2.    Monitor your emails at the email address you entered in the TIPS Potential Bidder registration process. You will periodically receive notifications from TIPS that solicitations (RFP’s/RFQ’s) have been posted.  Review the posted solicitations to see if products or services you sell meet the specifications of the solicitation.


3.    When TIPS releases a solicitation which encompasses the products/services sold by your company, prepare a proposal response to that solicitation and submit your proposal to TIPS by the posted deadline date and time.  All responses must be submitted electronically at


4.    After your proposal has been submitted, it will go through the review process.  It will be scored by a scoring committee using a pre-determined scoring rubric.  The scoring rubric is included in the solicitation instructions information.  Proposals must receive a minimum score, as published in the solicitation to be recommended for an award.


5.    If your proposal receives a minimum score or above, your company will be recommended to the lead agency, Region 8 Education Service Center Board of Directors, to receive a TIPS contract award.  The Board of Directors meets monthly to consider and vote on new contract awards.


6.    If your company is awarded a TIPS contract by the Region 8 ESC Board of Directors, you will receive an official TIPS award letter along with other pertinent information related to being an Awarded TIPS Vendor.