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The TIPS Construction Contracts use Job Order Contracting language in the Request for Competitive Sealed Proposals.  All of our construction contracts use a nationally recognized unit price book with an applied co-efficient (discount).  The TIPS job order contracts use the RS Means price book.  The selection of the award uses a best value points system.  Contractors receive points on a 100-point scale based on the following: Experience, Reputation, Financial capability and they receive more points for lowest co-efficient. In essence, the awarded contractor’s services have the same pre-shopped/selected guaranteed lowest price/best value that you get when purchasing other supplies and services through TIPS.

It is completely understandable that most clients want the most for their money as well as a reliable and reputable contractor.  This is where the TIPS job order contracts provides so much value to our members.  TIPS Job Order Contracting is extremely effective, less expensive, and timely and meets the legalities of purchasing construction/remodel/maintenance services.  All TIPS JOC contracts are procured pursuant to Texas Government Code § 2269, which meets the Public Works requirements.

Current Construction Contracts:

  • Asbestos, Mold, Lead and other Hazardous Building or Site Contaminants Abatement, Remediation and Disposal Services (JOC)
  • HVAC (JOC)
  • Job Order Contracting
  • Pavement and Other Related Services (JOC)
  • Roofing (JOC)
  • Synthetic or Natural Sports Fields, Courts or Tracks (JOC)
  • Trades, Labor and Materials (JOC)

For a complete guide detailing the TIPS Construction Contracts click HERE.