The Interlocal Purchasing System
Commerce Payments

Commerce can help your district, university, or city convert check payments into electronic, revenue generating payment types. Its database contains over 4,000 vendors who will automatically accept electronic payments. They also provide a complimentary analysis of your vendors to determine the initial opportunity of your program.

Missouri School Plant Managers Association

The Missouri School Plant Managers Association is an organization that provides informational support to educational entities throughout Missouri. The MSPMA, chartered in 1991, was formed in the interest of enhancing and promoting the educational process through support staff operations. Its purpose is to provide for the exchange of information that will improve school plant management, maintenance and care, through the promotion of acceptable policies, standards and practices, as well as, facilitating the professional advancement of school plant management personnel.

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The Public Purchasing Exchange (PPEx)

The Public Purchasing Exchange (PPEx) was established in collaboration with Public Purchasing Professionals to address cooperative purchasing challenges & fragmentation, accelerate overall use and affirm a core cooperative purchasing principles by:

  • Empowering Public Agencies to Directly Share Cooperative Contracts
  • Eliminating Cooperative Challenges - Complexity, Confusion, Cost...

Restoring Public Benefit - Leadership, Use, Convenience, Best Value, Common Good... TIPS and PPEx have partnered to accelerate the growth, access & use of cooperative purchasing for the benefit of public agencies nationwide.

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PPEx Universal Cooperative Purchasing Hub Overview

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