What's New at TIPS

eBid System:
TIPS is very excited to launch our electronic bidding system. Vendors now repond to Request For Proposals online. The system maintains sealed proposals, but now they are electronically sealed. Check out the new system by clicking here.
To see current bids click here.

New Website:
We hope that you find the new website easy to navigate. It features a brand new vendor profile page. You will be able to easily view an overview page, contact information, due diligence documentation and print the vendor profile. The new site also features a search function at the top of every page. Users can search by vendor name or a specific product. Drop us a note about what you think at tips@tips-usa.com.

Purchase Order System:
TIPS launched a new Purchase Order System in the fall. Members send their purchase orders to tipspo@tips-usa.com and attach the PO and vendor quote as a PDF file. TIPS validates the purchase order, and when approved, the system automatically generates an authorization letter and emails it to the member. The authorization letter is great for your files in case of future audit.

There are some TIPS vendors that are automated. They have systems in place that ensure contract compliance. Look for "AUTOMATED VENDOR" on the vendor profile. The member should send their purchase order directly to an automated vendor and not to the Purchase Order System.