TIPS is implementing a new Electronic Proposal System for all bid solicitations after February 1, 2015. All current vendors and potential bidders must register in the new system to have access to all future proposals.

**You may not submit a proposal based on the limited information provided here.  This site is for viewing only and does not include all the information that is part of the actual RFP.  This site is designed to allow you to view the basic information to help you decide if you want to register in the TIPS ION Wave electronic bidding system to view the entire RFP and actually submit a proposal.  If you are not already registered, please register to submit a proposal  by going to

Click Here to access Bid Opportunities.  

Click Here to access the Supplier Registration Page.

Once registered, you can see the complete RFP process.

If a vendor/proposer (vendor) desires to protest a decision by TIPS, the vendor must follow the following process.


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