How to Make a TIPS Purchase

The first step to making a TIPS Purchase is to make sure your organization/entity is a TIPS member.  If your organization is not a TIPS member, you may begin the fast and free membership process here.

If your organization is a member of TIPS, the purchasing process is quite simple following these steps: Click HERE to download instructions document.


1)    Review the current TIPS contract awards on the TIPS Website – All Contracts page.

2)    Select vendors from the list of awarded vendors in the appropriate contract category.

3)    Contact the vendors you are interested in pursuing utilizing the TIPS vendor contact information provided on the webpage.

4)    Identify yourself as a TIPS member to the vendor to obtain a quote based on the TIPS awarded contract.

5)    Select the vendor from whom you would like to purchase (following your organization’s purchasing protocol).

6)    Create a purchase order clearly identifying the purchase order as a TIPS purchase and including the TIPS contract number. (Contract numbers are available on the specific vendor page on the TIPS website.)

7)    Email the completed purchase order to: and attach the PO as a PDF. (TIPS will process the purchase order and forward it to the appropriate vendor and the sender of the PO email will receive an authorization letter that validates the purchase.)

8)    Some vendors are identified as "Automated Vendor" on the vendor profile page. For "Automated Vendors" send your purchase order directly to the vendor. The vendor will ensure contract compliance.

TIPS staff strive to make your purchasing process as simple as possible.  Should you need assistance with or need to deviate from the above process due to procedures implemented by your organization or your selected TIPS vendor, please contact our office at: (866) 839-8477.