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Rave Mobile Safety Rave Wireless Inc

492 Old Connecticut Path, 2nd Floor Framingham MA,01701
Rave Alert has been an active platform for 14 years, since 2004, growing at 25% per year. Rave currently protects clients across the Higher Education, State and County, Corporate Enterprise, and Healthcare Industries. We maintain 98% customer retention, as customers turn to Rave Alert from underperforming platforms and find a winning Rave Mobile Safety has provided mass notification services for 14 years. We specialize in connecting organizations to those they protect, with a platform of tools that includes mass notification. You can find out more about our available solutions and long industry history at https://www.ravemobilesafety.com/. Rave supports over 3,100 clients in the United States, and we back our products with a public-safety grade infrastructure and committed customer support to make your workplaces safer. Rave Mobile Safety combines industry-leading software - geo-redundant reliability and availability, unrivalled performance, and ease-of-use - as well as robust dedication to customer service and support that that earns us 98% customer retention rates, year after year as customers renew. All operational, configuration and performance optimizations are managed services on the Software-as-a-Service platform and matched to product standards for performance and scalability. We back our products with a public-safety grade hosted infrastructure, years of experience in the field, and committed customer support, all to make your campus, workplace, and community a safer place. Our platform of award-winning products includes: • Rave Alert ™-- Emergency and non-emergency mass notification and group messaging through text alerts, recorded voice messages, email, RSS feeds and more. • Rave Smart911™ -- Share data for critical 911 calls. Smart911 provides user-inputted safety profiles to dispatchers at any Smart911-enabled Public Service Answering Point (PSAP) nationally. Currently, over 1,000 PSAPs and communities nationwide use Smart911 to enhance their safety, and the number is growing every day. • Rave Guardian App Version -- Transforms the smartphone into a personal safety device. When a user calls public safety or 911, Rave Guardian immediately displays the user's extensive profile to the public safety call-taker. Rave Guardian includes a safety timer, Rave Eyewitness multimedia tip capability, and the ability for app users to designate personal safety contacts. Rave Guardian also integrates with Rave Alert to support alert notification that can reach WiFi connected users even when cell coverage is unavailable, and that can perform genuine location-based alerting to send alerts to uses within a specific geographic area. • Rave Panic Button -- Connects users to both 9-1-1 and on-site emergency responders with one button-push. Rave Panic Button notifies an organization's nearby responders of emergencies while calling 9-1-1, drastically reducing the time it takes to address a variety of emergencies. Separate buttons communicate different types of emergencies, like fire, medical, and active shooter incidents, providing additional information and fine-tuning responses. • Rave Eyewitness -- A two-way text messaging platform that increases participation in community policing efforts. Through Eyewitness your community can anonymously or confidentially report crime & safety concerns via text messaging. The Eyewitness program extends the capabilities of tip reporting in Rave Guardian, opening up the tip line to any user with an SMS-capable mobile device. Rave products' unmatched service, performance, and reliability is backed Rave Mobile Safety's commitment to customers satisfaction and safety. Rave Mobile Safety only builds public safety solutions, allowing us to focus intensely on enhancing the emergency response time of our clients. Rave earns customer loyalty because of our dedication to building the best public safety products, and actively supporting our customers in using them to keep their communities safe.

CONTRACT: 4022516   Notification Systems EXPIRES 2282019
Feb-25-2016 to Feb-28-2019 EDGAR COMPLIANCE :         (Contact TIPS for Verification)

Rave Mobile Safety Rave Wireless Inc

CONTRACT: 4022516   Notification Systems EXPIRES 2282019
Feb-25-2016 to Feb-28-2019
EDGAR COMPLIANCE :         (Contact TIPS for Verification)

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  • Rave Mobile Safety Rave Wireless Inc

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    Notification Systems EXPIRES 2282019(4022516)
    Exp.Date 02/28/2019 EDGAR: (Contact TIPS for Verification)

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